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Paragon Concrete Company will deliver your ready mix concrete at a competitive price WHEN and WHERE you...

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Paragon Concrete Company manufactures ready mix cement for the Waterford area. We have been...

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Welcome To Paragon Concrete Company

Paragon Concrete Company of Waterford Township is a service-oriented company. Our goal is to be the best concrete supplier to do business with in Waterford Township.

How do we achieve that goal?

• We deliver the right mix that you asked for
• We deliver it at the right time
• We deliver our products at the right price!

How Is Paragon Concrete Company Able To Meet This Goal?

We have a long history in the industry and the Waterford Township community. Our staff is the best in the industry and we focus on maintaining a level of professionalism that is unparalleled. Everyone has a role to play at Paragon Concrete to ensure our success in serving you. The faces of Paragon Concrete include our friendly, dedicated, and exceptionally knowledgeable drivers, all of which have years of field experience. Working with true professionals makes for a smooth experience for customers. What's more, our commitment to quality can be seen through our high quality cement pour each time. Paragon Cement Company also provides concrete and cement tools and equipment rental. If you are a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) enthusiast, we can provide helpful advice and the right tools for the job.

Concrete Builds Community

At Paragon Concrete we take the business of concrete and cement very seriously. To be at the leading edge we must maintain our creativity and utilize the most advanced technology. We are responsible members of the Waterford Township community and have played a key role in building projects that make our home what it is today.

Our Customers

Paragon Concrete Company works with owners, developers, government agencies, specifiers, and others on many different types of projects, such as residential and commercial structures, streets, highways, and bridges. We are proud of our ability to respond to the varied needs of our wide customer base:


• Office Building
• Hi-rise Mix-use buildings
• Warehouse
• Post-tension cast-in-place parking structures
• Schools


• Single-family homes
• Multi-family homes
• Curbs & sidewalks, including color concrete

Paragon Concrete Company is the only choice to meet your needs for ready mix concrete, cement, and tool and equipment rental. Give us a call and let’s get pouring!

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