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About Paragon Concrete Company

About Us | Paragon Concrete Company - Waterford Township, MI

Paragon Concrete Company serves the concrete and cement needs of the Waterford Township area in Michigan. We pride ourselves in the professionalism of our employees. Our trucks are dispatched with constant monitoring of each load with our highly trained quality assurance personnel. Our team also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure on-time delivery of the highest quality concrete.

A Cutting Edge Concrete Company

Customer expectations are evolving and increased focus on economic and environmentally sustainable products has become a focus in the concrete and aggregates field. Paragon Concrete Company understands the drive for environmental conservation. We know that builders are looking for greater environmentally sustainable products and innovative approaches in response to the many engineering, architectural, and economic challenges.

A Solution Oriented Company

Sustainable construction cannot happen without concrete because concrete remains an effective and sustainable development tool. As the evolution of concrete continues, it becomes more of a "green product"; a tool in the effort to build "green".

CO2 emission – recycled inputs for concrete reduce greenhouse gases.

Recyclable - concrete can be recycled into aggregate for new concrete or road base

Reducing Heat Absorption- concrete pavement in cities and roadways reflects light and absorbs heat.

Energy Efficient - concrete buildings can be energy saving via significant benefits from thermal mass.

Durability – durability in life span and integrity when faced with natural disasters, requiring fewer resources for reconstruction.

We would be happy to explore our products and the many different ways we can help meet your needs.

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