Ready Mix Cement

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Ready Mix Cement

Ready Mix Cement  | Paragon Concrete Company - Waterford Township, MI

Paragon Concrete Company manufactures ready mix cement for the Waterford area. We have been providing superior cement products to meet customers’ construction needs. We are problem solvers and can help find solutions to tackle your construction challenges.

Quality starts at our advanced production facility where we carefully select our high-quality raw materials. We use strict quality control along the entire manufacturing process. We have a strong distribution network and a highly trained team. We are recognized as a leader in high-quality cement production.

It All Starts With Cement

Ever since the days of the Roman Empire, where they used a form of natural cement, cement has served as an essential ingredient in all kinds of construction. A modernized mix of cement emerged in the early 1800s, called Portland cement. Portland cement is not a brand name but was named after the original inventor’s fondness of an island in the English Channel. This breakthrough helped propel development in the Industrial Age.

The aforementioned updated mix of cement is universally used today throughout North America. Cement is one of the basic ingredients of concrete, along with stone, sand, and water. Variations of the inputs can alter the properties of ready mix cement to a customer’s liking.

We Are Here For You

We are proud of our tradition of crafting and distributing the highest quality ready mix cement in the region. Our customers trust us and keep coming back to us for their most advanced and most basic projects. We treat our customers with respect and value every project along the way as we build relationships over time.

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