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Tool Rentals

Tool Rentals  | Paragon Concrete Company - Waterford Township, MI


Paragon Concrete Company is all things concrete and cement. Our services range from full service to equipment and tool rentals. We seek to meet our customers’ needs, whatever they may be. We have a broad selection of tools and equipment that are well maintained to help customers with self-installation of concrete. We are here to help make your job easier. Ask about our extensive stock of current rental equipment and tools. All of our equipment is clean, regularly inspected, and in excellent functioning condition. We are here to provide advice and instruction. We have you covered from the time you start your job until the end. We can even deliver equipment, when necessary.


• POWER BUGGY: Power Buggies are critical for heavy debris, especially in tight spaces.
• CHUTES: Concrete Chutes allows you to target your pour and maintain the quality and the strength of the concrete, also eliminating segregation


Regardless of whether you are a contractor or a DIYer, we have professional grade tools rentals. Our specialty tools ensure you get your job done right! Remember we are here for you if you have questions.

Paragon Concrete Company is one of the top sources of concrete rental equipment in the Waterford Township area. Our tool rentals are sourced from top manufacturers. Call us to inquire about availability.

• Buggies
• Grinders
• Concrete Stakes
• Edger
• Floats
• Hand Tools
• Mixers
• Saws
• Tile Saw
• Trowels
• Vibrators

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